Why the Internet is a Trait to the Use of CD and DVD Technology in the Entertainment Industry


The use of CDs and DVDs was welcomed in the entertainment industry with open arms because of the improvement that the technology brought in the quality of content made available to consumers. The cassettes which were once used in the recording, storage and transmission of content had many disadvantages associated with them. Some of the disadvantages can be seen in the low quality of the content produced by the use of cassettes and the VCR. Consumers were not completely satisfied with what was made available to them, but all that changed with the advent of CD/DVD technology. The CD/DVD, which has higher memory capacity, made it possible for lengthier content to be stored.

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It is also worthy of mentioning that other sectors embraced the use of CDs and DVDs seeing that they offer a better means of storing documents. The CD can store not only audio and video content but also Word documents and photos in different formats. This made the CD very useful to the academia and corporate world. The other advantage of the CD is the fact that it can be used over and over by simply erasing the content that is no longer useful and then adding the content that is wanted.

Even though the CD and DVD technology proved useful to the entertainment industry, the introduction of the internet into the operations in the entertainment industry proved to be a game changer. Prior to this time, entertainers were looking forward to the number of CDs and DVDs that would be sold, but the internet has changed all that. The internet has made it possible for music and video to be played without the need for a CD or DVD player. With phones, laptops or any other device connected to the internet, one can easily access his choice content on the go. The internet made it possible for cable networks to operate. These networks play different varieties of music, music video and movies to their numerous viewers, making it completely unnecessary to buy CDS and DVDS.

This trend leads one to ask what the relevance of CDs and DVDs is in today’s entertainment, seeing that the internet offers better quality, accessibility and variety of content to the consumers. Despite the spread of the internet, CD and DVD technology is still very relevant in today’s entertainment industry. Some places in Africa, the Middle East, India and even Asia are yet to be covered with the internet network. The people living in these places depend mostly on CDS and DVDS for their entertainment.

Finally, the primary operations of the entertainment industry depend mostly on the use of CDs and DVD recording devices. Before the songs and videos that we watch online get to the internet, the first storage device used is CDs and DVDs.

The State of CDs and DVDs at the Present


Days of Cinemas and Video Cassette Players

Betavhs2Gone are the days of cinemas and video cassette players due to the fact that they have quite a lot of flaws. We may not be able to mention the flaws of cinemas here because they are very outdated, but those of the video cassette player are listed below:

  • The tape can get damaged by twisting.
  • The entrance of liquid such as water can damage it too.
  • A sharp object such as a razor can cut the tape.
  • The video machine can be faulty at any time.
  • Dirt can make the pictures unclear for proper viewing and many other flaws.

CDs and DVDs

CDsDVDsImageIn order to replace some of these flaws from the video cassette player, technology went further to invent CD and DVD machines. These are powerful machines that make use of electronic lenses to read pictures and sound on disc plates. They do all that the video cassette player does but with a division of functions; the CDs play more sounds without any picture whereas the VCDs and DVDs play motion pictures. Hence, in order to play music, you make use of CDs and for movies you make use of VCDs and DVDs. Some of the advantages of CD, VCD and DVD plates over the video cassette player include:

  • The machines are simple and light weight as compared to cassette players as the complex panel board filled up with capacitors and transformers are now replaced by ICs.
  • They have no tapes, so you do not need to worry about twisting of tapes or damages as a result of liquids.
  • They are easily read as compared to video cassette players because of the presence of electronic lenses and other advantages.

However, they also have other disadvantages and they include:

  • A sharp object can scratch the surface, thereby damaging the plates.
  • There are inferior plates in the stores today which cannot be easily read by the electronic lens.
  • The machine can develop fault at any time and many others.

Video and Music Streaming

3025_20_sony-s-music-and-video-streamingThis can be seen as the latest technology in the viewing of movies as well as listening to music. It is a method online for live viewing or listening to movies and music respectively. As a matter of fact, it takes care of all those flaws that can be seen in CDs and DVDs.

Advantages of Online Streaming over CDs and DVDs

  • Nothing scratches it because it is not a tangible material.
  • The internet does not break down like in the case of machine players.
  • It has the option of downloading the music and videos for future use.
  • The movies and music can be accessed faster than other methods provided you have access to internet.
  • The movies do not suffer cracks or the inability to be read like in the case of CDs and DVDs.
  • You do not need to stress yourself going to the stores to search for your favorite movie or music.
  • The internet costs less than machines.

With all these advantages, it can be seen that in no time CDs and DVDs will be obsolete and every activity they offer will be comfortably taken care of by the internet.

The Relevance of CD and DVD Technology in Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry


The introduction of CD and DVD technology as recording and storage devices in Nigeria’s entertainment industry was welcomed with open arms by the majority of music and movie lovers. The excitement that came with the technology can be measured by the rate at which Nigerians embraced it. Prior to this time the recording and storage means in the industry involved the use of cassettes and VCR. These technologies had some shortcomings, which center on their cost, quality and durability. The VCR, which was mostly used in recording videos, has its shortcoming in the quality of the video it produces, which can simply be said to be of a lower or even a poor quality. Other disadvantages associated with the VCR and the radio cassettes include the cost of production of the VCR, the cost of the VCR player and lastly its bulkiness. The cassettes, which were mostly used in recording and storing sound, produce a low quality sound and can easily be damaged.

The aforementioned disadvantages could be the reasons why the CD and DVD technology was widely accepted in the Nigerian entertainment industry. All the challenges that were previously faced by the use of cassettes were completely eliminated, and this can be seen in the improved quality of video and audios being offered to the consumers. People with much excitement discuss about the quality of the videos that are produced from the CD/DVD player. I remember the first time that I heard someone describe in awe about the CD and DVD technology; in his own words, he said “Even if a pin was dropped to the ground, you will hear the sound.” Almost every household could afford to own a CD and DVD player, unlike the VCR which was very costly and yet had a low quality production.

Fast forward to 2001/ 2002 when mobile communication and internet technology were introduced into Nigeria, and you can see that this development changed a lot of things in the entertainment industry. The internet has made the transfer of information easier. Here videos, audios and even word documents can easily be spread and transmitted to thousands of people at the same time through various means. Some of these means include the hundreds of video streaming websites scattered all over the internet, the cable television networks, email, Facebook and even Twitter. With the introduction of these alternative means of recording, transmitting and accessing video, music and music videos, one begins to wonder what could be the future of the DVD technology in Nigeria’s music industry. Will there be a time when the CDS/DVDS will cease to exist just like the cassettes and VCR have completely gone into extinction? Have the CD and DVD become totally irrelevant to Nigeria’s music industry? To answer this question, one needs to look closely into the industry and see the use of CD/DVD as a recording device during music and movie production. Before the music and movies finally get to the internet and are accessible to the majority of consumers, the CD, VCD and DVD is the first storage device used. Until another recording device comes in to replace the CD/DVD, its relevance in the entertainment industry is still not questionable.



If a child were to choose between a black and white TV and the latest colored TV, I think the one that would catch his interest more is the colored TV because it is going to give that child a more interesting visual aspect that he wouldn’t want to trade with the former. In the same way we can compare having free online video streaming and purchasing that same video in CD format in the market. I bet you a lot of people all around the globe would definitely go for the free online streaming than the purchase. CDs/DVDs have long occupied the place of older audio and video technology, but these technologies are now faced with the probability that within the next 5 to 10 years, they will be a thing of the past, giving way for better and more efficient technology. There are things that the internet can do or offer to us that the CDs or DVDs can’t offer. Things like:

  • FREE INTERNET STREAMING: this has gone a long way in helping people all around the globe stay up-to-date with what is happening around them and not waiting until it comes to them in a DVD format, which would not come that fast – it might take months. So, for example, I can use the internet to watch a live football match going on in England or to listen to the latest music released into the market without waiting until I have them in the CD format.
  • DOWNLOADING VIDEOS AND AUDIOS FROM THE INTERNET: downloading files to your personal computers and mobile phones is now as easy and as comfortable as saying your own name. A DVD has limited storage capacity and could not contain more than its original content for non-rewritable DVDs. However, with your memory storage card or flash drive, you could have all the music and video you want. You could also change the position of your files by deleting the old ones and being able to have new ones.
  • SENDING AND RECEIVING OF VIDEOS AND MUSIC THROUGH THE INTERNET: of course, this is obviously one attribute of the internet that is very fascinating. Through most of our social network platforms, we could now be able to share videos with loved ones and also receive videos from them too. It is no longer the case where we could go to a video rental store and rent the movies we want to watch, paying a certain amount and returning them at some specified date. I can receive movies from a colleague who is in the US, France, UK and all around the globe through the internet. I do not have limited time or the need to return the video or pay for it, because it is now mine. And I can now share the same video with my friends and loved ones. This is really interesting and fun to experience.

Meanwhile, looking at the above changes and even more, one would come to understand that CDs/DVDs are no longer the order of the day. They are gradually becoming obsolete, thereby giving way for better technology to rule in their place. So in the future, CDs and DVDs will have little or no contribution to the society.

The Internet – a Game Changer in Today’s Entertainment Industry


With the introduction of internet technology, the world has become a global village. Everything around us in one way or the other revolves around the use of the internet. From manufacturing to banking to transportation to information dissemination and entertainment, the internet has brought a very big difference in the operations of these sectors, bringing in more efficiency and productivity. The entertainment industry is one area where the use of the internet has made a huge impact.

The traditional entertainment industry looks completely different from what is presently obtainable as a result of the incorporation of the internet into the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry has evolved considerably – from the recording of music and videos in cassettes played by the use of radio and VCR players to the use of CDs/DVDs in the recording, storage and transmission of music and video. The CD/DVD technology increased the quality of certain elements of the entertainment industry, improving video and audio quality. Prior to the use of CD/DVD in the entertainment industry, cassettes were the major recording, storage and transmission technology that were in use. This technology offered low quality content to the consumers, but the CDS and DVD brought an unprecedented change in the industry.

The CD and DVD technology has its advantages, which have completely been surpassed by the introduction of the internet. The internet and other advanced communication technology have changed the storage and transmission means employed in the entertainment industry. Now most of the music which was previously stored and played using the CVR, cassettes, CDs and DVDs can now be streamed and downloaded via some online stores, streaming sites, music and video download sites. The internet offers numerous advantages over the use of CD/DVD in the recording, transmission and storage of content. These advantages are listed below.

  • It is easier to access and play content via the internet; through the use of the internet, our preferred music can easily be accessed and played at any time by simply visiting the many online streaming video sites that are found in the internet.
  • The internet offers a variety of music on the go; the internet makes it possible for one to access and play a variety of music and video that one wants at any point in time.
  • It is cheaper to access music and video through the internet; again the internet offers one the cheapest means to access the music of our choice. One doesn’t need to buy cassettes, CDs or DVDs in order to play music. Here with our phone, laptop or any internet enabled device we can easily and cheaply access the videos or music of our choice.
  • The internet offers us a variety of quality; with the internet we can access the content that we want in the quality that we desire. Different qualities are offered in the internet, from ordinary audio, to 3gb to higher definition.

The internet does not crack; unlike the CD and DVD that cracks, the internet does not crack. You are offered the best quality content which you can download and store in your device, and you will never worry about your music cracking.



CDs/DVD came on the scene in the late 90s, and this brought about a totally new era both in the visual and audio aspects of entertainment. Ever since that invention by Philips, recording has been made easier. People could now have all the information they need in a CD, which could contain a maximum of 80 minutes for audio and more for video. But ever since the early 21th century, things have moved on to another different level, such as:

  • The easy download of music from the internet without buying the CD or DVD format
  • The easy online streaming and watching of videos over the internet
  • The easy sending and receiving of voice messages through social networks, etc.
  • The easy access of multiple videos or audio all in one Memory Storage Disk in our mobile phones

Due to this sudden shift in technology, people no longer purchase CDs or DVDs as frequently as before, and one might ask: What will become of CDs/DVDs in the near future?

Well the fate of this soon-to-be-outdated technology depends solely on the input made by their producers. This is because if there could be an enhancement on the memory capacity and display, making it possible for it to perform beyond its present level of performance, then instead of depreciating, it would strongly appreciate. But from the present look of things, the internet seems to have improved more than ever, and this has given it an edge over the CD/DVD technology. So in the near future without improvements, there would not be CDs/DVDs anymore, rather a better and faster technology would be invented.

Perhaps the world as a whole is changing as the days and years come and go, making it possible for the old ways of doing things to pass by and new innovations to take place. So CDs/DVDs would not totally go into extinction, but rather new innovations would be birthed through it in the near future because change is the only constant thing. There were other technologies before the birth of CDs, and there will be better and more preferable inventions after them.

Thus, CDs are still topping in the whole world with the internet strongly contesting that position as well. Storage capacity has greatly been transformed in the past 60 to 70 years now. For example, in the area of RAM (Random Access Memory) technology, there has being a tremendous change in the storage capacity, which has come from 1k bits (in the 1970s) to gigabyte storage memory in this present age. When it comes to Hard Disk Drive Technology, in 1984 the normal 5.25” hard drive could be purchased for an IBM PC with a storage capacity of 10 Megabytes, but today the story has changed.

However, in the same manner in which the RAM and Hard Disk Technology have greatly improved, so have CDs/DVDs been improved to be more effective and quick to handle. Don’t forget that when all these new technologies come to be, they wouldn’t have been created if there was no CDs or DVDs.

Online Video and Music Streaming: A Technology in Vogue


Entertainment Industry

The world of entertainment would not be complete without the elements of still and motion pictures. As a matter of fact, still and motion pictures are dated as far back as the time entertainment was first known to mankind. From the days of the first cinemas to now, they have provided fun all along the way. However, cinemas can be seen as the first stage of still and motion pictures. Cinema started from the time artists performed live on stage, but unfortunately you could not watch their performances exactly the same way the next time. People became interested in the idea of being able to watch events repeatedly, especially those that are really interesting. This is how the quest for screen viewing came into being.

How It All Started

This second stage was all about projecting images through a projector to a screen for clearer viewing. In this case, people still gathered together in a large hall to watch movies and listen to music. The interesting part of cinema was that you could request for the repetition of a movie which you had watched in the past and it could be televised. Cinema was good except that your wish may not be the desire of all viewers in the hall, so you may not watch your favorite at the time you most desired. Nevertheless, cinema was interesting in the sense that it gave people room to interact with other people and was very entertaining.


After the time of the cinema comes the time of the video cassette recorder (VCR) where a video cassette is inserted into a machine through the machine tray and you are able to watch movies at home. With this technology, at least you have the option of rewinding back to a particular scene or part of the movie you are watching. You can also pause or stop the picture and can replay as many times as possible. Unfortunately, it has some disadvantages, which are the cassette tape twisting or cutting or even the machine getting damaged as a result of overheating or some other issues.

Flaws in CDs and DVDs

With all these disadvantages, the investors in the world of technology deemed it necessary to invent better machines, which were CD and VCD machines for playing music and videos respectively. VCD was rightly replaced by a better machine with larger storing capacity known as a DVD player. These machines make use of electronic lenses for detecting the pictures and transmitting the pictures to the screen of your television for your fun viewing. These machines, as a matter of fact, have their flaws too, and this is why provision was made online for your viewing entertainment.

Why Video/Music Streaming

Now, online streaming is all about live viewing of videos and music. This is more advantageous as it is able to take care of almost all the flaws in the previous music/video viewing systems and devices. It has many benefits such as:

  • No cracks in motion pictures
  • Ability to download and view as many times as possible
  • Easy access to movies as compared to other methods
  • Ability to watch live shows and performances and many more

CDs/DVDs in Internet Era


It is a matter of fact that the use of CDs and DVDs cannot be completely eradicated in this era of internet activities. This is because most third world countries are still having difficulty in accessing the internet. It may interest you to know that internet in third world countries is actually very expensive as they still buy internet data in bundles. As a result of this, video/music streaming is always very difficult to do. Instead they prefer to purchase CDs and DVDs for their entertainment. Also, there are people even in advanced countries who do not have computer systems or even sophisticated phones for surfing the internet. Even those that have these devices may still tell you they prefer having CDs and DVDs to carry from one place to another.

Comparison between CDs/DVDs and Internet Video/Music Streaming

Of course, although CDs and DVDs cannot be completely removed from our stores, they cannot in any way be compared to internet video and music streaming. This is because online video and music streaming enable you to:

  • View live shows such as Big Brother, news and sports.
  • Gain easy access to videos and music without waiting for the electronic lenses of CDs and DVDs to read the pictures.
  • Have access to downloading your desired videos and music for subsequent viewing as many times as possible.
  • Transfer the videos or music to your friends and relatives through social media online.
  • Gain access to any video or music of your choice.
  • Stay in the comfort of your home without having to move about from one store to another looking for your desired video to buy.

Many people think that internet video/music streaming has actually taken over completely, but it is not actually true. As previously mentioned, CDs and DVDs are still relevant in the society today. However, there are factors that really need to be in place before online streaming will succeed in replacing DVDs and CDs completely, and these factors include:

  • Making internet facilities available everywhere in the world.
  • CD and DVD manufacturing companies shifting to other manufacturing purposes.
  • Making internet access very cheap and affordable to all.
  • Creating a good and conducive environment for browsing.
  • Creating better browsers and plug-ins for better video/music streaming.

When all these are put into place, then online video/music streaming will definitely replace CDs and DVDs. However, companies may still want to store vital information such as their company profile and other data of the company in CDs in order to serve as back up as this will enable them to have easier access to them when there is a need for them. Therefore, in as much as CDs and DVDs are no longer going to be necessary for video or music viewing, they will still be available in the stores close to us for other vital needs. Conclusively, CDs and DVDs are still going to be relevant in this era of internet video/music streaming.